Thursday, November 18, 2010

Early Memories by Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym)

My earliest childhood memory was when I  probably 2 or so years old. We had just gotten home from church on a hot and sunny afternoon. I was wearing a short sleeved white shirt and a little light blue set of short overalls like jumper with a matching hat. I was still outside in the front yard and had not gone into the house yet. I picked up this red triangle thing that had a shiny thing that spun on the top of it with a long green thing attached to it. I was still too young to know what this fun thing to play with was yet. I then got the first surprise of my life when the shiny thing started spinning on its own and started spaying me with water. After that I didn’t pick up that sprinkler ever again after that because at the time it scared me to pick it up. I learned to play in the water while it was on but never picked it up again.
Seem to me that in the first 7 years of my life most of the things I remember are the times I was in the greatest state of emotion. Some good but mostly the times I was scared or very upset are the memories that I remember most. Some things my mind blocked out and to this day I still only remember parts of those times that were blocked out of my mind. For example, I remember the names of every homeroom teacher I ever had but one, even though I can see what see looked like, my mind blocked out her name. I guess because she was the meanest teacher I ever had and if she did the things she did to me back then today she wouldn’t be a teacher at the very least.
We did not have a kindergarten where we lived when I was little. Because of when I was born I was normally the youngest in my class most of the time growing up. When I started the first grade I was 4 almost 5 years old, I turned 5 a few weeks after school started, the only ting I remember from the first grade was my teacher, Miss Jackson, who was a very sweet person and that we did a time capsule that I really wish I remembered what year we was suppose to open it.  But other than that I have no memories of anything else that year. My second grade year is where my mind blocked things out. That is the teacher whose name is still lost to me. She is the teacher that because I was left handed and having problems with the items that were made for a right handed person would break wooden rulers over the back of my hands. I am not talking about the thin cheap rulers they make today, but the thick wooden rulers that had the metal strip that ran down the side of then for the straight edge on the ruler. I was switched over to right handed but I can write with ether hand even to this day but I right slowed left handed because I don’t normally write left handed. I do shoot firearms and a bow left handed even today.
There were other things that I remember from those early years growing up in South Carolina. Some things that still make me smile, things that make me upset, and yet other things that just stand out in my memory from those early years. Like watching the first man on the moon landing and when they came back and splashed down on TV from the daycare I went to while Mom and Dad was at work. I remember going over to my grandparent’s house on Sunday afternoons for dinner with all my Cousins, Aunts, and Uncles and all the cousins going outside playing games. Watching my first wrestling match on TV with my cousins over their house then going out back and “wrestling” in their homemade ring out back. Getting my first bike and then having to learn to ride it without the training wheels on it only to have some of the bigger kids take my bike from me and lay a piece of plywood over it and use it for a ramp and in the process destroying my bike.  There were other things that upset me so bad that they still effect me today and I am not comfortable talking about much less putting them into words on here. I will be adding to this as time goes on.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The time has come to say goodbye.

The time has come to say goodbye.

You went to say hello to the world on high.

As time passes, you, we will never forget.

Our lives made better for us having met.

Our hearts are heavy and our knees are weak.

It is more time together that we did seek.

Our eyes water and begin to weep.
As you have went to your eternal sleep.
Even though this much time has passed,
Our love for you will always last.
We know you are an Angel up above.
Looking down upon the ones you do love.
So even though from this world you had to part,
You will always be here in our hearts.

Dedicated to “Teri” Teresa Lynn Dale
Jan 23, 1968 to Nov 21, 1998

Sunday, November 7, 2010

He is My Buddy, My Hero, and My Nephew by Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) Sunday November 7, 2010 16:04

Dedicated to my nephew in the US Army’s 101st Airborne.


Long ago in the spring of 89

Into my world came this buddy of mine

He is my buddy for all the world to see

This little buddy who’s eyes were looking up at me

As time went by and he started to grow

You could tell that one day he would be a Hero

Now that he is all grown up with a heart that is always aglow

I love my buddy more than he will ever know

My Buddy and my Hero is as refreshing as the morning dew

And he will always be My Buddy, My Hero, and My loving Nephew.


Chris, come back safely home to us. We love you.

The First Time by Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) July 14, 2005

The First Time
The first time I saw your face,
I thought, there is an Angel here in this place.
The first time I saw your smile,
I thought it would stretch a mile.
The first time I heard your voice,
I just knew I had no choice.
The first time you hugged my neck,
I thought I was going to hit the deck.
The first time you kissed my cheek,
I felt my knees go weak.
The first time you told me how you felt,
I thought my heart would melt.
Now I sit here feeling Glad,
Wondering what the next, first time, is to be had. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

This Special Person by Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) Friday November 5, 2010 09:36

There was this special person, that I once knew

This special person is an Angel, that much I know is true

This special person was a ray of light,

In the deepest and darkest of the longest night

This special person has had a very hard time I know

But this special person has more than enough love to bestow

This special person needs something too

And that is why I'll be here just to give it to you

This special person, this Angel, needs some love too

So you ask who this special person is to you

But this I thought you already knew

Then I look up into those eyes with mine filled with love

Don’t you know I say to this Angel from above

This special person is you and there is no other like you that I can ever think of

While you are away By Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) Friday November 5, 2010 04:45

While you are away and truly missed
We can not talk or even reminisce
But while you’re gone always remember this
Our thoughts and prayers that go out to you are there to send you bliss

When you return to our warm embrace
You will see you are in a wonderful place
For all those ones that you have set their hearts aglow
They will always love you more than you will ever know

There is an Angel looking down from above
Watching over you with their heart full of love
From now and until our family is all together once more
We will always be there for you, just open up the door    
For in this house is the family that truly you do adore
Filled with heart felt love to keep you safe and warm from now and forever more

We and the rest of your family miss you very much KAG

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I remember when By Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) Wednesday November 3, 2010 05:36

I remember when you first started to walk.
I remember when you started to talk.
I remember when got your first tooth.
I remember when you first became couth.
I remember when you would crawl up into my lap.
And soon become quiet for your long nap.
I remember when you when I used to tuck you into bed.
When you laid down your pretty little sleepy head.
I remember when I used to sing to you
But you were so cute what else could I do?
I remember when you’d put your little arms around my neck.
No matter what the heck.
I remember when you would come up and tell me “I Love You”
But as much as I remember I want you to remember too.
That I will always Love You Too.  

Written for my little hero that is now all grown up KB Guy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I still see her standing there By Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) Monday November 1, 2010 05:55

I still see her standing there in my mind.
Her looking up at me with those eyes that was so kind.
I still feel her lovely arms wrapped gently around my neck.
While we held each other close with the pouring rain splashing on the deck.
I still feel the touch of her sweet lips against mine.
And I guess that I will till the end of time.

I still see her standing there with our love just starting to grow.
With me telling you that I love you more than you will ever know.
Two hearts that was forever broken when you had to go away.
The day you left, we both shared the tears together on that very sad day.
Never again for us to find, the love we lost and could never again find.
Will I ever find you and hold you in my arms again?
Or will my world finally come crumbling to an end?

I still see her standing there with her hands in mine.
With her tears running down her checks my heart breaking with every beat.
Hearts forever broken until we find, our hands back together yours inside of mine.
As I sit here thinking about the love we shared, my eyes start to water and I begin to weep.
True love is so hard to find, and when you do hold on to it till the end of time.
If I should never again find, my true loves hand inside of mine,
I’ll go to my eternal sleep, waiting till we again shall meet.

Forever and a Day by Kuyong Chuin(Pseudonym) August 2, 2002 00:53

Every time we have to part, you take a little piece of my heart.
But I don't mind because soon you will be mine.
If I had a wish and that wish came true,
I'd make that wish to always be with you.
Every time I see your face and my heart begins to race,
I soon wonder if it can ever keep up the pace.
So if you truly love me the way I know you do,
Take me to that very special place, where we both say our “I do's”.
And if you do what I want, the love will surly show,
when you look in the bassinet to see the little ones that we do begat
begin to grow. And when we are old and grey what will the people say?
There goes a love that will last forever and a day.

Till the end of time By Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) Written Summer 1988

Baby, I've got something to say,
And it just won't wait another day.
I just want you to know,
That I love you so,
And nothing is going to stand in our way
I want to hold you tight
In my arms tonight
And not let you go till the morning light
I'll Love you now and I'll love you when
life’s fleeting days shall end

Baby, you are the best part of my life
And I want you to be my wife,
And if you say yes,
We won't have to guess,
If we will be happy for the rest of our lives.
I want to hold you tight
In my arms tonight
And not let you go till the morning light
I'll Love you now and I'll love you when
life’s fleeting days shall end

Baby, when we are old and grey
I'll love you more than I do today.
So let it be told
That we was so bold
That we let nothing
Stand in our way.
I want to hold you tight
In my arms tonight
And not let you go till the morning light
I'll Love you now and I'll love you when
life’s fleeting days shall end
I want to hold you tight
In my arms tonight
And not let you go till the morning light
I'll Love you now and I'll love you when
life’s fleeting days shall end
And I will till the end of time.

The Wish By Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) June 12, 2004 15:27

If you could grant a wish for me,
Do you know what that wish would be?
I would wish that I could find
Someone even just half as kind
As you have been to me for all this time.
And If I could grant a wish for you,
Do you know what I'd wish for you?
I’d wish for you to find someone too,
That has twice the love I have for you.
But this wish would be hard to do,
Because I don't know how anyone
Could love you even half
As much as I love You