Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blog update

I know I have neglected my blog here for a long time, but because of my health and medical issues I have not been able to write on here. I have written more things since I last blogged but have not posted them as yet. I will soon I promise. Even now I am typing this with one handed since I had the second surgery on my right arm in the last 8 months. Also after reading through some of my old stuff I see I made several mistakes that I need to go back and fix. I will be doing that as soon as I can. As soon as I am able I will be finishing up my website and combining both this blog and my Photography web site into one site so you get to see some cool picture that I have taken as well as my poems, songs, and other writings all in one place. Enjoy the blog and come back again. From your friendly Dragon Master Kuyong Chuin.