Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Dragon Master By Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym)

The Dragon Master "working title"

A very tall and lean elf sits in the cool shade of a mighty oak tree deep in the forest. His shoulder length golden blonde hair and golden tan skin gleaming in the mid day suns heat. 

His lean and muscular body does not have the look of a Herculean type body of a strongman or body builder but more of a look of that of an Olympic swimmer or distance runner.

His elongated biceps, broad shoulders, expanded chest, washboard abs and golden tan skin gave him the looks of some Greek God of mythological origin, but still did little to reveal the even greater strength that lied beneath those hews of steel.

The strength of his heart and the compassion that he felt for the life of the world that he lived was beyond compare. Even more so was the strength of the magical powers that none but he knew that he possessed, hid mostly to hide his true heritage, underneath the black flowing hooded robes with gold trim that he wore over that massive God like body.

At this moment his robes laid beside him along with his other things he normally travels with, when he goes about in this large world of his. As he sat he closes his golden eyes and his mind drifts off into the past, his heritage, and how he came to be in this mess he now finds himself.

His Mother was an Elven Princess that fell in love with a majestic looking elf, which little that she knew was not an elf at all, but a gold dragon in Elven form.

The gold dragon had watched the Elven princess from a distance for a long time while still in dragon form when she went to the pool to bathe each day.

From his lair hidden in a cave about 25 feet above water level and behind the waterfall that flowed into the pool at the waters edge, he watched and became fascinated with this beautiful creature that came each day.

He then took Elven form to find out more about this pretty maiden that bathed by his lair as he looked on unbeknown to this gorgeously stunning Elven maiden that came there daily. What started out as fascination of this mighty golden dragon turned to love, as the dragon and the Elven princess got to know one another and fell in love with each other.

In a moment of passion the two made love for the first time near the small pool that the princess bathed each day. The Dragon so loved this Elven Princess that later, that same day, he prayed to his God and asked to remain an elf forever more, and lose all his dragon powers and abilities, his prayer was answered by his God at once and he was told he would remember his draconic language but in all else he would forever be an elf, he would also have to deal with any hardships that went with his request, for if it would ever become known that he was once a dragon there would be some that would seek to destroy him.

The dragon knew that once transformed he would be like any other elf and have Elven children like any other Elven family so the risk he thought would be minimal and it would never be known what he once was, only himself and his God would even know the truth, or so he thought.

The Dragon turned elf married the princess the next week, unbeknown to ether the Princess or the Dragon that the fair Elven Princess was already with child from their moment of unbridled passion.

Nether of them thought that their one time together a week before they was married and the only time they had made love before his transformation to an elf was made permanent, would be when the Princess would become a mother to be.

When the time came for the child to be born, both was surprised that there was not one child born, but two, twins, a boy and a girl. When they was first born the two children looked Elven in every way, in every way but one, they had eyes of golden color! Both the father and mother had golden blonde hair so that would be normal for the children to have golden blonde hair too.

The mother thought the eye color was abit odd but thought nothing of it, it just made them special and even more beautiful, but when the father saw those golden eyes he knew in his heart what had happened and the children were even more special than she even knew. He knew when they was alone that he would have to tell her the secret that he thought would never come to light, that they would live out their lives happy and safe in the city of the elves.

He now knew staying here would no longer be possible, that their lives would forever be changed by that one night of unbridled passion. He hoped that when he told her, that she loved him enough to forgive him for what had happened and still look and love him the same way as she did now before the truth was revealed to her. 

Without a heart By Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) 23:55 9-14-2005

When I awoke that morning, I thought it was just an ordinary day.
Little did I know that my life was going to change in every way.
When I walked it to that room and saw an Angel sitting there,
I could not help myself I just had to stare.
Could my tired eyes be deceiving me?
How could this Angel be sitting there staring back at me?
With her eyes sparking like the stars and a smile as bright
As a full moon on a clear and cloudless night
When I heard her first speak
No music could sound as sweet
When she walks is as if she is floating on air
For this Angel there is no compare
She is Angel sent from heaven above
Because there is no other that I can think of,
That can make my heart fill that way.
The love that she gives so generously
Has found its way into my heart with ferocity
What I though sealed forever more
Was opened as easily as a door
That she had the key
She reads me like an open book
But it is my heart that she took
Now I go from day to day
With my heart in her stay
The love from her that I seek
Is meant for another that is too weak
To give her the kind of love she seeks
For all this I know, but I am helpless to stave
I know that I will go to my grave
Without the heart, she took from me that day. 

People that are our Rays of Light and Hope By Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) 05:53 October 31, 2010

We all have had people that come into our lives at one time or another that has had a hand in shaping the person we are today. From the teachers that taught us in school, to the friends and people we have met while traveling this road of life that we are on. Some have changed our lives for the better. Some have changed our lives in such a way that we will never be the same for the good or the bad. Some have brought light and hope to our lives. While some have brought a never ending hurt, pain, and darkness to our lives that will never go away no matter how much we try to rid ourselves of it. Some days you want to just go to sleep and never wake up but it is the friends that bring you that light of hope and God that gets you through another day. For this we should all let those that bring this light and hope to you know how much we care about them and thank them for just being there even if they don’t know that they did anything at all let them know what they did for you and love them for it. And thank God each and every day for blessing you with those friends that brings you light and hope.
So to all those friends and family who bring me a ray of light and hope I say Thank you and that I will always love you for it.