Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Forever and a Day by Kuyong Chuin(Pseudonym) August 2, 2002 00:53

Every time we have to part, you take a little piece of my heart.
But I don't mind because soon you will be mine.
If I had a wish and that wish came true,
I'd make that wish to always be with you.
Every time I see your face and my heart begins to race,
I soon wonder if it can ever keep up the pace.
So if you truly love me the way I know you do,
Take me to that very special place, where we both say our “I do's”.
And if you do what I want, the love will surly show,
when you look in the bassinet to see the little ones that we do begat
begin to grow. And when we are old and grey what will the people say?
There goes a love that will last forever and a day.