Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I still see her standing there By Kuyong Chuin (Pseudonym) Monday November 1, 2010 05:55

I still see her standing there in my mind.
Her looking up at me with those eyes that was so kind.
I still feel her lovely arms wrapped gently around my neck.
While we held each other close with the pouring rain splashing on the deck.
I still feel the touch of her sweet lips against mine.
And I guess that I will till the end of time.

I still see her standing there with our love just starting to grow.
With me telling you that I love you more than you will ever know.
Two hearts that was forever broken when you had to go away.
The day you left, we both shared the tears together on that very sad day.
Never again for us to find, the love we lost and could never again find.
Will I ever find you and hold you in my arms again?
Or will my world finally come crumbling to an end?

I still see her standing there with her hands in mine.
With her tears running down her checks my heart breaking with every beat.
Hearts forever broken until we find, our hands back together yours inside of mine.
As I sit here thinking about the love we shared, my eyes start to water and I begin to weep.
True love is so hard to find, and when you do hold on to it till the end of time.
If I should never again find, my true loves hand inside of mine,
I’ll go to my eternal sleep, waiting till we again shall meet.